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awards & honors

July 18, 2019 - "Teeth" - Poetry Daily's Poem of the Day
July 17, 2019 - "Crow Moon" - Verse Daily's Poem of the Day

2017 Sixfold Prize for Poetry

2016 Blue Earth Review Award
2015 Nancy D. Hargrove Editors' Prize

2020 Puerto del Sol Poetry Contest - Finalist
2019 Witness Award - Finalist

2019 Gregory O'Donoghue International Poetry Prize - Runner-Up

2019 Coniston Prize - Finalist

2019 Linda Hodge Bromberg Literary Award - Finalist
Black River Chapbook Contest, Black Lawrence Press - Finalist

2019 Pushcart Prize Nomination, Hayden's Ferry Review
2016 Pushcart Prize Nomination. Jabberwock Review

2016 AWP Intro Journal Award Nomination

published works

"In Memory." Spillway (Fall 2020).
"A Compendium of Essential Knots." Puerto del Sol (Spring 2020).

"Stephenson Lane." American Literary Review (Spring 2020).

"Pretender." The Shore (Spring 2020).

"One Night We Drove Through Maryland." The Shore (Spring 2020).

"A Grave Robbing Instructional." McNeese Review (Spring 2020).

"Snow Moon." McNeese Review (Spring 2020).

"Because the Oceans Cannot Mix." The Boiler (Winter 2020).
"One Night We Drove Through the Rockies." The Journal (Winter 2020).
"One Night We Drove Through Idaho." The Journal (Winter 2020).
"The Dock Hand." New Ohio Review (Winter 2020).
"Reverend." What Are Birds? (Winter 2020).
"Thunder Moon." What Are Birds? (Winter 2020).

"Wintering." decomP (Fall 2019).

"Demeter Speaks to Persephone, Vanishing." Bear Review (Fall 2019).

"The Secret of Mockingbirds." The Adirondack Review (Fall 2019).
"Haunter." The Adirondack Review (Fall 2019).
"Half Nelson." The Adirondack Review (Fall 2019).

"One Night We Drove Through Arkansas." Hobart (Spring 2019).

"One Night We Drove Through Yellowstone." Hobart (Spring 2019).

"Flower Moon." Hobart (Spring 2019).

"The Fisher King." Quiddity (Spring 2019).

"The Lost Boy." Passages North (Spring 2019).

"To Woman (Persona as Dirt)." ANMLY (Spring 2019).

"Litany in Addition and Subtraction." ANMLY (Spring 2019).

"The Minotaur Speaks to Ariadne, Post-Labyrinth." Hayden's Ferry Review (Spring 2019).

"The King of South Baltimore." The Rumpus (Spring 2019).

"Teeth." diode (Spring 2019).

"While Cutting Faces Out of Photos from the Mid 90s." diode (Spring 2019).

"Throttle." Birdfeast (Winter 2019).

"Things I Shouldn't Have Touched in Addition to Your Lower Lip." The Pinch (Winter 2019).

"Blankets." The Pinch (Winter 2019).

"Unfoxing." The Pinch (Winter 2019).

"Cold Moon." Rougarou (Winter 2019).

"Things I Shouldn't Have Planted in the Garden." Radar Poetry (Winter 2019).

"Elegy for Lithium." december magazine (Winter 2019).
"Elegy for Mania." december magazine (Winter 2019).

"The Persistence of Memory." Salamander (Winter 2019).

"The Anti-Midas." Whiskey Island (Fall 2018).

“Crow Moon." CutBank (Spring 2018).

“Elegy for Metalworking." CutBank (Spring 2018).

"Sleeper Hold." Superstition Review (Spring 2018).
"Anatomies (The Chemist)" South Dakota Review (Spring 2018).

"Howl." South Dakota Review (Spring 2018).

"The Wind Booth." The Normal School (Spring 2018).

"Elegy for Water Splitting." The Normal School (Spring 2018).

"Inheritance." Quiddity (Spring 2018).

"Skins." Carve (Winter 2018).

"Sleep Talk (The Toxicology)" Natural Bridge (Winter 2018).

"A Guide to Palmistry." Sakura Review (Fall 2017).

"Elegy for Darkness, Interrupted.” Crab Orchard Review (Fall 2017).

“Dispatches from the Abandoned House.” Hawaii Review (Fall 2017).

“The Magician.” Big Muddy (Spring 2017).

“The Hermit.” Big Muddy (Spring 2017).

“Bayou Séance.” Big Muddy (Spring 2017).

“Necromancer.” 45th Parallel (Spring 2017).

“River Mouth.” Cider Press Review (Spring 2017).

“Feral Child.” YesPoetry (Spring 2017).

“Idlewild.” Breakwater Review (Spring 2017).
“Bayou Requiem.” Prairie Schooner (Winter 2017). 
“Of Moonshine and Water.” Blue Earth Review (Fall 2016).

“Elegy for Sylvia.” Lunch Ticket (Fall 2016).

“The Gravitational Effects of Heavenly Bodies.” Permafrost (Spring 2016).

“Consort (Carriage & Miscarriage)” Blackbird (Spring 2016).

“Elegy for Safe Keeping.” Sugar House Review (Spring 2016).

“Sleepwalk (The Symptoms).” Sugar House Review (Spring 2016).
“Geography of a Lost City.” Apt (Spring 2016).

“Silueta en Fuego.” Apt (Spring 2016).

“The Oceanographer.” The Emerson Review (Spring 2016).

“Thunderhead: Coda.” Iron Horse Literary Review (Spring 2016).

“Call (Response)“ Zone 3 (Spring 2016).

“The Lioness, ad Vincula," Zone 3 (Spring 2016).

“Peat Cutter.” Hawai’i Pacific Review (Spring 2016).

“Prognosis.” Cactus Heart (Spring 2016).

“Conjure.” Dogwood (Spring 2016).

“Paper Crane.” Dogwood (Spring 2016).

“A Refrain in Utero.” Booth (Fall 2015).

“Assessing the Damage.” So to Speak (Fall 2015).

“Body Composition.” So to Speak (Fall 2015).
“Flail.” Blue Earth Review (Fall 2015).

“In the Rain Room.” Blue Earth Review (Fall 2015).

“Penumbra.” Folio (Fall 2015).
“Sear.” The Minnesota Review (Fall 2015).
“The Emperor.” Notre Dame Review (Fall 2015). 
 “Empress (The Diviner).” The Blueshift Journal (Fall 2015).

“Empyrean.” Winter Tangerine Review (Fall 2015).

“The Hanged Man (A Reading from the Pictogram).” Cheat River Review (Fall 2015).

“The Native Vein” Cheat River Review (Fall 2015).

“Comanche Moon.” Slipstream (Summer 2015).

“A Forwarding Address.” burntdistrict (Spring 2015).

“Intracoastal, 1995.” Jabberwock Review (Spring 2015).

“The Heirloom Centenary.” Jabberwock Review (Spring 2015).

“Continuum.” Barely South Review (Spring 2015).

“The Estuary Psalm.” Wayne Literary Review (Spring 2015).

“Benning Ridge Road.” Wayne Literary Review (Spring 2015).

“An Awakening Song.” Catfish Creek (Spring 2015).

“Ein Sof.” Catfish Creek (Spring 2015).

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