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"Crow Moon" - Featured by Verse Daily - July 17, 2019

"Teeth" - Featured by Poetry Daily - July 18, 2019

"Pretender" and "One Night We Drove Through Maryland" - The Shore


"Stephenson Lane." - American Literary Review

"The Secret of Mockingbirds," "Haunter," and "Half Nelson" -

The Adirondack Review

"Sleeper Hold" - Baltimore Review

"Throttle" - Birdfeast

"The Lost Boy" - Passages North

"Reverend" and "Thunder Moon" - What Are Birds?

"Things I Shouldn't Have Planted in the Garden" - Radar Poetry


"To Woman (Persona as Dirt)" and "Litany in Addition and Subtraction" - ANMLY


"While Cutting Faces Out of Photos from the Mid-90s" and "Teeth" - diode


"Crow Moon" - CutBank


"One Night We Drove Through Yellowstone," "Flower Moon," and "One Night We Drove Through Arkansas" - Hobart


"The Dock Hand" - New Ohio Review

"The King of South Baltimore" - The Rumpus

"Wintering" - decomP


"Sucker Punch" - Baltimore Review


“[Geography of a Lost City]” and “Silueta en Fuego” - apt


“King of the Wild Things” - Zocalo Public Square


“Feral Child” - Yes, Poetry


“Consort (Carriage & Miscarriage)” - Blackbird 


“Body Composition” and “Assessing the Damage” - So to Speak


“Elegy for Sylvia” - Lunch Ticket


“Peat Cutter” - Hawaii Pacific Review


“A Refrain in Utero” - Booth


“Continuum” - Barely South Review


“Flood Watch” - Gravel


“River Mouth” - Cider Press Review


“The Hanged Man (A Reading from the Pictogram)” - Cheat River Review

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